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SDC Rate Display

SDC Rate Display

SDC-2426 & Remote Control

Product ID: SDC-2426
  1. Currency exchange rate display in bank, hotel and airport.
  2. Interest rate display in bank.
  3. Merchandise price rate display.
  4. Stock price display.
  5. Production volume display.
  6. Score display or any other applications.
  • LED size height: 0.5", 0.8" or 2.3"
  • LED color: orange, green and super bright red
  • Row size: 6 to 48 rows, each LED PCB module contains 6 rows
  • Voltage range: wide supply range from 90V to 240V, AC 50/60Hz
  • Computer linkage: RS232C interface, RS422 optional
  • Infrared keypad: easy to use rubber keypad, max. editing distance 10 meters
  • Timer ON/OFF control for LED display: turn on during working hours and turn off during off-duty hours automatically.
  • Built-in battery for date retain and real time clock: 10 days
  • 1.8" LED for Time and Date display on the top of display board.
  • Trademark and color of the face and magnetic strip for item may be ordered.
  • Sample purchase.
Model# Description Model# Description
  0.8" LED Orange   0.5" LED Orange
SDC-0616 6 rows*1 clo*6 digit SDC-0616s 6 rows*1 clo*6 digit
SDC-1216 12 rows*1 clo*6 digit SDC-1216s 12 rows*1 clo*6 digit
SDC-1816 18 rows*1 clo*6 digit SDC-1816s 18 rows*1 clo*6 digit
SDC-0626 6 rows*2 clo*6 digit SDC-0626s 6 rows*2 clo*6 digit
SDC-1226 12 rows*2 clo*6 digit SDC-1226s 12 rows*2 clo*6 digit
SDC-1826 18 rows*2 clo*6 digit SDC-1826s 18 rows*2 clo*6 digit
SDC-2426 24 rows*2 clo*6 digit SDC-2426s 24 rows*2 clo*6 digit
SDC-0636 6 rows*3 clo*6 digit SDC-0636s 6 rows*3 clo*6 digit
SDC-1236 12 rows*3 clo*6 digit SDC-1236s 12 rows*3 clo*6 digit
SDC-1836 18 rows*3 clo*6 digit SDC-1836s 18 rows*3 clo*6 digit
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Golden Huang
Contact:Sales Representative Emma Huang
Address:No. 1, Alley 16, Lane 337, Sec. 1, Datong Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 22161, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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